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Real Angel Facts
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There are a lot of questions about angels out there. Are angels real? What are angels? Where are angels? What’s the best way to contact angels? Some information about angels is accurateother information is less than accurate. I trust what I have heard about angels from what my Spirit Guide Francine has told me and also what I have learned from so many of you, and read in many spiritual texts.


Fact: There is no special way to call upon an angel.


Want to know how to call your angel? When you need an angel, simply say you would like an angel and they will be right there. Just saying the word “angels” has them coming quickly to be by your side.



Fiction: You need to be sure to call upon a specific angel, or they won’t come.


Don’t worry about knowing exactly the right angel for your purpose. Ask that an angel come be by your side and they will be there. You can do this silently or out loud if you wish. The angels already know what you need.

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Fact: Your spirit guide can call angels for you.


I know this because my Spirit Guide Francine has done this for me. But do you remember when I said that the right angel comes for the right purpose? This is even true when your spirit guide calls on angels! Francine once called on an Archangel for me, and a Virtue and a Throne came for me instead of that Archangel.



Fiction: Angels never take human form.


This is false. While angels typically remain in their angelic bodies, occasionally they take a human form, often for a very short time. Then they disappear. Often they come into your life bringing an important message. You can always remember the presence of an angel because you truly do not feel the same afterwardsin a good way. This is a frequent sign of an angel sighting in your life.



Fact: You can always contact your angels.


What’s the best way to contact an angel? Meditation is an easy way to contact your angels. An important part of contacting your angels is just asking for the assistance. Keep in mind that different angels have different duties. An Archangel can be called upon for healings and a Virtue can be called upon for assistance with your life chart.



Fiction: Our loved ones who cross to The Other Side often become angels.


Our loved ones on The Other Side are so special to usbut they can not become angels. Angels are like an entirely different species. When we cross to The Other Side, we can become Spirit Guides. There is a 100% chance that you will become a Spirit Guide when you cross to The Other Side.



The angels love you and guide you always. You are surrounded with many angels day and night.




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By georgeta, Monday, July 21, 2008 01:28:45 AM
By georgeta, Monday, July 21, 2008 01:26:46 AM
By Brenda, Saturday, June 28, 2008 12:22:25 AM
I think a person I worked with is an Angel. He's no longer working with me, but when he was, he just exuded angelic qualities. It's a feeling you have when you are with one. He knew things about me that I never told him. I asked if he was an Angel, and he just got up off his seat and never answered the question. That's a "Yes" to me! Plus, I saw him once, before I started on that job, in a supermarket here in Vegas. I was in a very distraughted state of mind and I saw this tall man gazing at me. It was not a usual gaze you get from humans. When I passed him, he was still gazing down the aisle. Then I get this job, and it's the same man! So..I think he is one of my Angels that took a human form. He just showed up at my new job recently. Out of the blue he drove up and pretended to deliver a package. But he wasn't using his delivery truck. He was in a regular car. And he knew I was surprised and mentioned that you never know what life brings. Then he asked if I liked my job. As if he "arranged" it somehow. Some of the mysterious ways God works.
By elaine, Friday, June 27, 2008 08:01:58 PM
My son was killed two years ago he was shot in the back a beautiful boy 3rd year university. We both are spiritual and I want to know if an angel can let me know how he is I really miss him he was my only child. I hope to be with him one day. I had a dream with you in it you told me he was standing beside you and he was fine. I am always crying in my dreams. Thanks for listening elaine
By TIna, Monday, June 23, 2008 04:13:01 PM
Sylvia, Hi! Hope you are well and your loved ones too!!!! I know of several times I have encountered angels. I saw one on the road near a small town. Since I was not sure of what I saw because of the darkness (the being showed no light) and I was understress since my mom was dying I didn't go near. Another time there on a back road an Mennonite buggy was almost hit by another car. I saw a figure of an angel swoop down and saved all from an accident! There were more but I can't think of them - brain freeze. I have an untypical sleep pattern and severe sleep apnea so my efforts at meditation and getting to remember any dream contacts have been hard to achieve but I will keep trying!!!!! Love, respect, and positive prayers! Tina Stanton and family
By Leigh, Thursday, June 19, 2008 11:36:59 PM
After reading about "messenger" Angels, I called for them today. I was lost and my gas tank was just about on empty with no sign of any stores nearby. I took a deep breath, asked for assistance, and then I had the urge to take a left on the next road that looked completely desolate. After driving about half a mile I decided to take a right again, and right in front of me was a gas station and a sign to get back on the highway. I would have never figured that out if not for my messenger Angels :-).
By maylin, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 05:23:55 AM
those are really a magnificent stories. i think that angels are really always there to guide us. even before an accident might happen, our angels already helped us and did not lead us to harm. we should always be thankful for them.
By Janice, Sunday, June 08, 2008 09:57:29 AM
really clarrisa? well, maybe you are. and i think you are a good person that is why they are telling you that. but there are really human angels like what was said in the other article. and even strangers can be your human angels.
By clarissa, Saturday, June 07, 2008 08:21:21 PM
Is it possible for a human being on earth to be oart angel?..I have had a few people tell me i am a real angel?
By Janice, Thursday, June 05, 2008 04:54:20 AM
Yes, i believe that Angels can be in human form. There are people who are sent to us by God to love, guide and take good care of us. And i think our friends can also be called Angels, even our family of course. But the spiritual Angels are those that we can't see. I think it is true that we can talk to them through meditation.

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