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What Does My Dream Mean?
Sylvia Browne Interprets Your Dreams

by Sylvia Browne


A popular question I always hear is, “Sylvia, what do my dreams mean?” People want to know how to understand dreams and dream symbols. Dream symbols can have many interpretations, not just a single one-line interpretation like a newspaper horoscope. Your dreams are interpreted by your very best dream dictionary: you! Your conscious and subconscious minds and wonderful body of experience are where dream symbols originate. Once you learn how to interpret dream symbols, you will be the one to define your dreams.


That being said, it is true that often some generalities about the meaning of dreams can be made. Some imagery and dream symbols can be very common and popular. No oneand I mean no onedreams just the way you do. When you look at a dream symbol, always look first to how that symbol could apply to your current life circumstances. There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to interpretationall that matters is that the answer resonates with you as the true and correct dream symbol interpretation.


To define dream symbols, begin by first understanding what type of dream you have had. Was it a wish dream, release dream, astral travel, lucid dream or a prophetic dream?


Some people don’t understand or believe that their dreams have symbols. Everyone’s dreams have symbols. Let’s do an exercise in personal symbols so that you understand them better. Even though you’re seeing these symbols while you are awake, this exercise will give you an idea of what symbols can mean to you. Get a piece of paper and a pen.


Now you will draw five objects: a house, the sun, water, a tree and a snake. Don’t worry about being a Picasso or the next Rembrandt. Just draw what you feel is right. Come back when you’ve finished your drawing. We’ll wait!


Did you finish your drawing? Okay, let’s interpret the symbols. You will see just how personal these symbols can be. Notice your impressions about each symbol before looking at the definitions.


The house. What are your first impressions about the house? The house is the symbol for you. Does your house have a door to invite people in? Is there a path to lead people into the house? Does the house have windows, to let people see in to you and you in to them? Is there a chimney for warmth? Does the house look good or like it needs extra care?


The sun. This is your father. How close is the sun to the house? Is the sun prominent in the sky? Does the sun give off warm rays?


The water. This is your mother. Is the water close to the house? What type of water did you draw? Is it a river or a pond?


The tree. This is your intellect. How large is the tree? Is it near the house? Is the tree strong and healthy?


The snake. This is your sexuality. How important is the snake in the drawing? How close is the snake to the house?


You can see now that everyone has conscious and subconscious reactions to symbols. So your dreams are full of symbols. Look for symbols in your dreamsas they are full of valuable meanings for you.


Love always,


Sylvia Browne



P.S. Dreams are rich with meaning and inspiration for us. Learn more about your dreams with my Book of Dreams. Discover the different types of dreams that we have all the time.


Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.



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By susan, Thursday, July 03, 2008 07:11:06 PM
dear Sylvia i have been trying to write this for days and some thing always goes wrong so hopefully it will work this time. i have been very lucky in my life to have 2 best friends for over 30 years and i am only 45 so it was true friendship to the first friend charlie i meat first charlie was a little off meaning he never really got past the age of 16 mentally. he was a wonderful friend and was always there for me. i meat my 2ed friend Marie through him the had gone to school together. they were about 10 years older than i. my first friend charlie had lived with me off and on through the years but had got a good job about 1 hour from where i lived and Marie. he became ill and had to be life flight to the hospital down here. while he was in the hospital they found out he had cancer and was diabetes. my 2ed friend was also ill and her father was very ill. she always told me she just wanted to live long enough to take care of her dad. she was in a bad car wreck and i would go clean her home so she could soak in her tub and not have to live in filth. while my first friend was in the hospital her father died so we went and packed his things up and marked the boxes so she could go through them later. a few months later my first friend called me and told me to set down. i was sure he was going to tell me he was going to die. to my surprise he told me Maire had passed. i was in total sock got him out of the hospital just in time for her funeral. he came home with me he stayed about 1 year and went to spend sometime with his sister. then i became ill. the man as sick as he was came back home with me to take care of me. he was with me for almost 1 year before he passed 2 days after my b-day. one year went by and the night i went to bed on my b-day i had the most wonderful dream. i got a journal and started keeping it so i would not forget. here it goes:wrote morning 7/17/08 i saw the white light and went through it. it was not straight up but across was in a beautiful building the light was so bright it hurt my eyes. it was a huge building with a lot of busy people. i ask who i was with i cant be sure but i think it was charlie. i ask is this all they do is work but i already knew the answer we can do any thing we want. in the hallway we were in there were beautiful columns and arched window's could see out side the roads were like made of brick and a lot of people and beautiful building's [sun] or light was so bright it sparkled as it hit the columns. i ask if i could go out side but was not aloud. i did not want to come back but was not allowed to stay it was warm and beautiful and i cant wait to go back. my b-day is coming up again and i cant wait to see what he has in store for me this year. i have congestive heart failure and copd ect ect ect. so i no it is just a matter of time. with all my love Sylvia Susan
By Deborah, Wednesday, July 02, 2008 12:14:54 AM
Hi Sylvia, Sometimes when I dream,I dream of falling,and sometimes I dream of laughing.What does this mean?
By maritza, Sunday, June 29, 2008 07:22:35 PM
Hi Sylvia, everytime i dream of death, people get injured, huricanes, someone get sick and a lots of people dying in a war, after a couple of days or weeks it really happen. My brother tells me that i have a gift. also i dreamed that my brother was in a bus accident and a week later he was in a car accident. should I be concern about this, is this a real gift or like a warning. XOXOXOXO Maritza, Lanham, MD
By emily, Saturday, June 21, 2008 10:32:42 AM
hey sylvia what does it mean when you dream someone is holding you down and you can't get someones attention that is right there next to you then it goes to a house with a strange looking gun that starts to get hot then it starts going off when i throw it outside then i ask my mom who has been dead for three years for the strongest prayer because i need her to help me and as she starts to say the prayer a strong gust of wind starts up and she can't say the prayer emmy in texas
By maylin, Wednesday, June 18, 2008 03:30:04 AM
Hi Sylvia. I always dream about my dad. Sometimes he walks in to my dreams and he is saying a lot of things which i can't understand. There are also times when i my dad hugs me in my dream. i just don't know what this means.
By helen, Sunday, June 15, 2008 06:36:07 AM
Sylvia, My friend Pat died about 5 years ago. I knew him since I was 22 years old and worked with him. We moved about over the years, but I kept in touch with him by phone, then Christmas cards and finally email. Pat died of cancer. I didn't have the opportunity to go to his funeral as he was down south and we were up north. Just the other week I dreamed him and I were in a bar, dancing, laughing and joking. I told Pat that I really missed him. His reply was that he knew it. In my dream all along, I knew he was dead, and I knew I was dreaming. When we said bye to one another, he handed me a long stemmed white rose, and hugged. When I woke I told my husband about the dream. Then I emailed Pat's partner and told him of the dream. He wrote back and said he believes sometimes we do connect with a person that has passed in dreams. Also that Pat's favorite flower were white roses. That beside his urn at his viewing/service he put white roses in vases on either side. It gave me a sense of peace knowing this and since he died I would think about him, and wish I had taken time to see him or visit or even go to the funeral. Now I just feel good knowing that I did get to see him again and tell him how much I cared. Love, Helen
By Judy, Saturday, June 14, 2008 07:56:23 PM
Dear Patricia, my name is judy, i live in omaha,ne. i was captivated by your dream and felt the need to write to you. this dream was a visit from your mom who passed away some years ago, the building being green is a symbol of healing, meaning your mom is healed being on the other side, how wonderful you see her, next time you dream of her walk over to her and sit beside her and ask questions from her, you will be pleasantly surprised of her answers. when my mom died i had 2 very vivid dreams, i wrote them down. went to my library and sought help from books on dreams, this was my start on my spiritual journey for answers, and sylvias books helped me emmensely. i thank god i found some of my answers from her books now i get so excited when she writes more books to help us find the answers that we know in our hearts that she speaks the truth. i take pride that when i dream of my mom, that she is always with me and she comes to check on me from time to time, she lets me know she loves me, and in case your wondering she passed oct. 31st, 1992 of ovarian cancer. my first dream, that lead to my spritual journey to seek answers is this.... my mom and i were in downtown omaha at a local convention center, across the street from that is a catholic church(and for real that church was there), i needed to get across the street to this church and find a restroom but traffic was extremely heavy, cars wouldn't stop to allow me to help her find the restroom, just then a ford pick up truck(very old) was coming down the street as i was getting her acroos, it stopped which halted traffic, we crossed, i looked at the man, and thanked him, he nodded his head in gesture, I KNEW he was a great powerful man but didn't know why. we got to the church, my mothers face looked gaunt, she lost alot of weight, i begged her to hang on that i would help her. she could't walk the stairs to the rest room, so i carried her up the stairs, crying to her to hang on, but i knew she was dyeing. just then the man appeared that was in the orange ford pickup truck but this time he was in the most amazing white native american outfit, he wore the most beautiful head dress with feathers that almost went to the floor, I KNEW he was a shamon. i begged him to heal her but he said he could not, i cried so hard and pleaded for him to take me instead, he said she would be healed, but that i could not go with them. the moment i woke from that dream i wrote it down. That day i went to work, i worked with a woman who was part sioux indian, when i told her the dream she just sobbed. she told me that that was a very special dream, to treasure it, she said i had a visit from a shamon that could heal my mom. and thus began my fascination about dreams and spirituality. if you want me to tell you my other one just let me know. peace be with you patricia, and just know we are all in this together. Judy C. Omaha,Ne
By Patrick, Tuesday, June 10, 2008 06:55:44 PM
I'm 48 years old. In the past 8 years I've had 3 dreams that were crystal clear, with vivid colors and clairity. One dream; I was at a resort-like place near the ocean. There was a swimming pool whith a few people relaxing in lounge chairs enjoying the sun. Over to the left I saw my mother standing near the doorway of an apartment-like building that was green in color. She was looking at me but did not speak. I looked down into the pool and then I stepped into the water. Then the dream was over and I awoke. This all happened in a matter of 2 seconds. My mother past away 15 years ago. I believe I got a glimpse of the otherside.
By petra, Monday, June 09, 2008 11:04:25 AM
Lor C in Loma CO, I have been reading your article and you know, I have had dreams ALL my life about loved ones dying and how they'll die and sometimes I even knew the exact day! I don't know howcome and why, but I wondered that about Sylvia too her saying: any type of Pychic ability won't see if a loved one is going to pass away, or if something bad will happen to a loved one... I have since the time I was about 3 year's old! Sincerely, P Bow
By Leigh, Sunday, June 08, 2008 12:35:33 PM
I can always tell when I am having a dream of visiting someone from the other side as opposed to a regular mind release dream. When someone visits me I can remember every little detail down to the blemishes on their skin. Everything is in full color and is crystal clear. The other kind are always hazy, and I end up forgetting half of what I dreamed about the next day.

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