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What Is An Angel?
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Do you believe in angels? Are angels real? Are there different types of angels? The most important question may bedo you actually know what angels are?


What is an angel? Angels are simply pure beings created by God to help human beings. Angels have absolutely no imperfections at allthey are completely perfect! An angel has no “agenda,” no ulterior motive for helping you. Their entire reason for being is to help, protect, and to love.


You may not realize it, but there are so many angels available at all timesfor everyone. Any living being can call tens of thousands of angels to themselves, all without depleting the supply of angels. My spirit guide Francine once told me that there are trillions of angelsthough she has admitted to me that she has not done an actual head count!

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So any time you feel that you need love or support during the day, feel free to call upon the angels. Ask God to “send me an angel.” If there are approximately six billion people on earth and trillions of angelsthat’s a lot of angels to go around, all of the time!


Many people have heard me talk about my beloved spirit guide Francine over the years. But angels are around me all the time too, yet I do not refer to them by name. This is because angels do not have individual names as our spirit guides do. Keep in mind that if you have given your angels names, they certainly don’t mind this. What they really want is for us to be comfortable and for us to call on them in times of need and concern. Why Francine has even suggested that we call every angel Michael!


Our angels are dispatched by The Council. The Council is a governing body of highly-evolved entities on The Other Side. These entities are master teachers who can do many things, including review our life charts and actually insert angels into them during especially challenging times. Remember that nothing in your life happens by chance.


You will know that an angel has come to you because angels’ wings have silver tips. There are other types of angelic beings and they have different colored wings. The Archangels for example have white wings with blue tips. The Cherubim & Seraphim both have white wings with rose tips. But humans typically deal with angels and not those other types of angels on a regular basis.


The angels love you and always want to be with you. Call on your angels whenever you feel the need for some angelic company, they will be right at your side!

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By Tara, Monday, October 09, 2017 07:40:39 PM
I AM SO HAPPY DR TRUST, MY HUSBAND IS BACK. I completely trusted Dr Trust totally from the time I spoke with him during the period my husband Left me after 11 years of our marriage, He started the spell work on my husband, and gave me so much assurance and guaranteed me that he was going to bring my husband back to my feet in just 48 hours of the spell casting. I was so confident in his work and just as he said in the beginning, my husband is finally back to me again, yes he is back with all his hearts, Love, care, emotions and flowers and things are better now. I would have no hesitation to recommend this powerful spell caster to anybody who is in need of help.. E-mail or his website: WhatApp or call him +2348156885231 Do accept my gratitude sir.
By donna, Thursday, June 08, 2017 03:01:23 PM
i want to say a very big thanks and appreciation to Dr. Keke Odin the chief priest of all spell casters worldwide for bringing back my husband who left i and the kids for almost three months within the space of two days after following all instruction given to me. i am very much grateful for restoring peace in my marital home, and i pray God almighty give you the strength and wisdom to continue helping more people having similar relationship and marital problem like mine. for help you can contact him now through his email and mobile number below Email: Mobile Number: +1 386-336-9876 website:
By Jessie, Tuesday, September 08, 2009 07:36:48 PM
I KNOW there are angels I have had many experiences where my Angels were there to help me. I always pray to my Angels and they are always there for me!!!! I always ask my Angels to protect my Mom and Dad, my family and my pets and loved ones! A day doesn't go by that I ask for protection and love. I always feel a sense of love and peace, each day . My Angels and Mother Azna are my spiritual foundation in my life when things turn grey. Mother Azna and all My Angels are the one thing I can depend on in my time need and they are there for me when I have question I need help answering.
By Robin, Tuesday, September 08, 2009 05:14:37 PM
Hi Sylvia, I have so much I want to ask you. But first I want you to know that you are the first and only psychic I have and do belive in. I truely belive what you say and after I lost both my parents, my brother, and two of my very best friends with in 3 months a part in the two friends and one was like a little sister to me and it has been 3 years now and I still miss her so much there is not a day that goes by that I don't wish she was still here. You see she died in a truck wreck and to this day I do not think it happened the way it looked like it did. I think there was other car that hit her and caused her to run off the road that night and it eats at me most every day. So what I want to no is if you will tell me if there was another car or if it was just her that night please, so I can put that behind me and let go of it I hope but I just have to no it I am right or not. I would also like to ask if you could tell me why out of everyone I have lost in my life why I am have more trouble with the lost of this friend than any of the other people even family, like my mom & father which that I really don't understand. I also want you to know that I started reading your books after losing these people from my life cause I was having such a hard time understanding and I could not find a way to let go tell I read your book the other side it helped me so much. I felt so much better after reading that book and the lost of the people I love so much got easyer to life with, and to this day I am still not real sure why that is but Thank you so much cause with out that book at that time in my life I think I may have drove myself cazy. But for some reason it did not help as much with this one friend, and I belive it is the not knowing for sure what really happened that night or at least that what I am hoping cause I truely miss her and everyday I wish I could trun time back to before that night and have thing not happen like they did so I could have her back in my life and I no I should not feel that why but I can't stop myself. So if you can help me or tell me if by calling the Angels would that help me if so I am willing to give it a shot just let me know something please. Robin
By Astrid, Tuesday, September 08, 2009 02:10:28 PM
Hi Sylvia: I thank you immensely for coming into our lives. You certainly have made a big difference to all of us. I come from the Holy city of Jerusalem and have seen miracles since I was 17 years old. From Saints to Angels I have witnessed their presence. They are beautiful and inspiring. I'm in the process of writing all about my encounters with miracles up to the present, and I would likt to mention your name for confirming in your books that Angels and Saints are very real and they are among us always. To the lady who is about to give up with her life in this e-mail, I would like to tell her to 'hang on'. Ask our Mother Azna to help you or write to her and she will help you as she has helped me during my tough times. May God bless you Sylvia and all your fans. Respectfully Yours, Astrid
By Linda, Monday, March 23, 2009 02:28:57 PM
Dear Lupe March 12, 2009 Talk to your angels, they will comfort you. For everything, there is a reason. God bless
By lupe, Thursday, March 12, 2009 12:50:41 AM
is someone there ,please help me ???????????????????????? Newspaper article full version In 3 more days it will have been two months since Meli's death, and her departure pains me today just as it did that very moment that i found her cold and lifeless. It is as if each second of my life someone is cutting open my heart in two and adding salt to that wound. It feels as if my soul died with her. Every time that I go into her room, which is countless times a day, I relive that horror of her leaving; I ask God where he was. Why didn't he allow me to save her? Why didn't he let me find her in time? Why didn't he choose me to take her place? I would have been ready to do that for her; I would do the same for any of my other children. As I write this, I am in her bedroom asking for answers to questions as I read over letters that she left me at different times. I tremble from pain and from anger at the futility of it all. It is so ironic, just a few months ago she and I had a long conversation about life, death, injustice, and the hypocrisy with which she was living through at that time;the pain that her boyfriend and another teen caused her. I remember that I told her: "Look, this flower; it is very pretty and so are you. Neither you nor any one else should cry over someone. You can do better than that." Her answer was: "It is not fairl everything that is happening to me. I hate going to school. I hate the schools here in Andrews. If you don't have money, if you're not the son or daughter of a rich person, if you are not of the right color, and if you are not the teacher's pet then you are nothing. You are left out. And they take away what you once had an what you worked so hard to achieve." I told her that in life nothing was fair; but, but that there was always an answer, and that things had a way of working out. I told her that death was no solution. She smiled at me and said: "Mami, there is no answer in standing up for myself against some people, I was sent to Saturday school. In cheer leading I was taken out even though I used to get up at 4:00 am to get ready to go to practice; then they replaced me with someone who used to miss countless times. But since she was seen as more favorable. Since then my world started crashing. I sure hope Crystal doesn't have to go through this" "It also isn't fair, Mami, all the times you have gone to school asking for help and they don't give it to you. The school does things as it sees fit. It is like my coach said when I lost my place at Nationals and was placed as an alternate, 'I hope it's ok because if not, you can get out. There are several that can take your place.'" "You see, Mami. I am tired of being hurt, tired of constantly coming home crying. I am tired of putting on a happy face and pretending that nothing matters after being hurt countless times. I lock myself in my room so that no one sees my pain." Many saw my daughter; she went through thousands of things, but only I saw her tears, her pain and her disenchantment. Many people contributed to her decision. Even I myself contributed to it because in the beginning when I found the first letters some months back in which she said goodbye, I did ask for help. That person that I reached to for help told me: "I guarantee that she is not going to do anything. She just wants attention." I hope that professional who told me that saw the obituary so that she can see if my daughter is now getting her attention. I wonder if all that is sufficient for that person. If she is paying, maybe she will not give such advice again. Hopefully the school is paying closer attention. Meli with her death, ironic as it is, has saved already more than one life. She has also opened a Pandora's box. Andrews is going to realize that indeed there is a problem in our schools with some of the personnel, some of the leaders, and with our youth. Like Meli said: "If we all dropped the act and the injustice; if instead we worked together, we would change not only Andrews but the entire world." I remember her smiling as she told me: "Why can't we all instead be friends, Mami?" I only hope that through her death others can identify their own feelings. If they too are suffering, hopefully they will not ignore it because the pain will remain. Choosing to ignore problems and pain will not make them go away. The problem will grow each day like a monster. So I ask that everyone help our youth. Don't allow a single young person to die in this manner. Don't let another mother die from pain as she continues living. Right now I am not sure hot to go about living; I sometimes don't want to go on. My life has been changed forever. I feel empty. I am in tears and in pain. I do not wish this on my worst enemy. Right now I should be saving for her Christmas present which was going to be the down payment on her new Avalanche. Instead, I'm saving for her tombstone. I should be seeing that her college applications be sent in on time and not putting flowers at her grave. May God hold my princess in His arms. May He give her peace and the justice that no one here wanted to give her. Melissa's mom, Lupe Flores
By deanna, Wednesday, February 25, 2009 11:11:40 AM
Hi Sylvia, my name is Deanna and my boyfriend was killed in a car accident 6 months ago and it has been the most difficult time in my life, period, dealing with the grief from this and just accepting the fact that he is gone. I had a psychic reading to make contact with him and i have to say it completely blew me away. She described his personality to a tee and all the problems he was going threw and I know now that he is in heaven and doing well and has learned from his mistakes and his unwillingness to change and shift which eventually took him from this earth. Will my angels help me to get through the grieving process if i call on them because sometimes the pain is so unbearable missing him?
By Ann, Monday, February 23, 2009 02:40:41 AM
To everyone, I wish to send all of the angels that you need. To the person waiting to see answes from Sylvia, I just joined today, but I don't believe that is the intention of the 'Post a Comment', since it doesn't say post a question. Most seem to understand on this page and on the others, that they are publicly asking for help, stating their situation etc. Sylvia probably wouldn't try to answer one, as she'd be spending all day answering all of the comments, and she's available in other ways to people. For myself personally and for my son, I'm asking for comfort from the angels as I yet again look for work in this economic time and to send angels to relieve my sons pain and stress and I know we'll make it again, but since this is the 4th time in 2 years I've been laid off it's getting to house, and we've had to move twice as well to live with relatives. The comforting affect of the angels would be very helpful right now, and I ask for the healing light of green from Archangel Michaels sceptor to help my son.
By Mary, Saturday, February 21, 2009 10:48:11 AM
Why do all these people post comments here? I have, several times and waited and waited for an answer. I wonder if Sylvia really reads these? Is that what this page is for? Where are the answers for these Q.'s on these pages? I know Sylvia is extremely busy...Do these people ever get the answers they seek? Where are the pages of answers? Thank you,Mary

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