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On The Other Side Secrets And Answers
Life on The Other Side

by Sylvia Browne

When people start to ask me about The Other Side, they often want to know what they will do on The Other Side. What is life like on The Other Side? They wonder if they can continue to do some of the activities they love so much.

Much of life on The Other Side is learning for pleasure. There are many schools, libraries and research centers. The libraries are considered a supplement to the Hall of Records. The libraries on the Other Side are beautiful structures, with spiral marble staircases that travel through many floors of beautiful shelves of books. There is a wide-open ceiling to the library known for its magnificence and its beauty. The schools and research centers have every resource they could possibly need. Many flock to the schools and research centers on the Other Side to learn about various subjects and understand important information.


There are lots of extracurricular activities on The Other Side. We don't consider this "downtime" from other activities in our life. We do these fun things simply out of enjoyment, spending time with people that we like, doing things that are fun for us. There are concert and lecture halls that have many performances of every kind you can imagine, and performances are given non-stop. Noncontact sports are activities that many enjoy playing and watching as well. There are many athletic stadiums, golf courses, tennis courts and ski slopes available for your pleasure on The Other Side. There is always the perfect wave ready for you to surf!


One thing that has fascinated me is that they have roads on The Other Side. But I could not see any need for these, as I understood that people traveled on the Other Side by projected thoughts, simply imagining themselves somewhere and there they were. There are some vehicles available to travel for those who want them; there is a golf-cart like vehicle and also a hovercraft. God has simply added these in to make us more comfortable, as he knows we are used to roads and a transportation system.


What about religion on The Other Side? You can always find a beautiful house of worship on The Other Side. Literally from everywhere you look, you can see a temple, church or synagogue to worship in. There are many religions on The Other Side and many different types of houses of worship. There are tiny chapels and temples and there are enormous cathedrals and synagogues. On The Other Side, people of different religions happily pray and worship side by side all the time. People learn about different religions all the time, learning about rituals, customs and theology. Everyone is praying to and praising God on The Other Side.


Life on The Other Side has so much to offer us. Activities on The Other Side are abundant. It is rich with interests, pleasure and spirituality.


Love always,


Sylvia Browne


P.S. So many are curious about The Other Side - are you one of them? My book, Life on The Other Side, will answer your questions, and so much more. Learn all about living on The Other Side!

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.



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By Alfreda, Sunday, February 22, 2009 03:41:42 PM
Hi sylvia i lost my mother about 10yrs ago and my brother about four yrs ago i just want to no are they together and are they ok.and if my mother and brother come to see me and if so how. what signe do they give me that i have'nt noticed.thank you so very much sylvia i love you. and i love how you make people so happy when they hear about the people they have lost.and just to no that they are doing well.your a blessing sylvia.i want to thank you your the best.god bless you sylvia.Alfreda
By Yvette, Monday, February 09, 2009 06:41:01 PM
Dear Syvia. My name is Yvette Jalbert. I'm from Sudbury, Ontario,Canada. I would like to know what the name of my soul mate is and if and when will I meet him?
By Patricia, Saturday, January 31, 2009 06:59:38 PM
Hi Sylvia....the doctors can't find out why I have severe lower back pain and why I am always sore, have no energy or appetite...Would you be able to help me...Thank-you, Bless and congrat's to You & Michael....Love Patricia..
By lori, Monday, January 26, 2009 07:04:33 AM
sylvia my son died almost 12 years ago he died in a car accident it was a dwi did he cross over he turned 13 when he was killed 3 weeks later.i hope he didnt suffer i miss him alot could he be my guridian angel thanks you i love you lori a mothers loss hes name was michael
By Terry, Sunday, January 04, 2009 03:50:10 PM
Hello Sylvia, I just finised reading the Mystical Traverler. The book was so amazing to me because everything or almost everything that was told in that book hppened to me already. It's funny, there was a sentence or two about having mirrors around would keep away dark or evil spirits. I had a dream and it was me asking a question about what to do with a wall that needed some decorating. The dream said that I should put little cicular mirrors on the wall in a scattered pattern all over and to get the wreath that I had in my bathroom and use it as a focal point. Well, when I read the book I knew what I had already done. Also, I was quite amazed when I learned about the colors of the seven rays. I have almost everyone of those colors in my home and Gold and Mauve or Pink are my favorite colors. I also have alot of Silver and combinations of crystal in my home as well. I am very attracted to shimmering colors and am very proud to be a member of Mother God's Army! This explains so much of why I always take the hard road so that the truth gets exposed, this gives me peace and now I understand and am at peace with the life I chose. Thank you for that. I have taken down my Christmas decorations and decorated the windows of my house for Valentine's Day, not just because this is a fun holiday, but to honor your upcoming marriage to your Kindred soul! Congradulations you are very blessed!! I love you very much, Terry
By Teresa, Saturday, January 03, 2009 07:38:29 PM
Hi sylvia I read all your books and watch you whenever you are on tv.I love you and the way you have others.I wish I could have a reading with you,but really don't have extra money for that.Will I ever win the lottery or anything like that,and does my dad and my best friend have anything they want to say to me I lost then both to cancer.My email address is Love you,Teresa
By zenia, Saturday, January 03, 2009 06:56:45 PM
Hello Ms. Browne My boyfriend pasted away about 4 months ago. A lot of weid things has happen. But I can not shake the feeling that there was more to our relationship some kind of connetion that was much deeper than what either one of us knew. Can you help me with this.
By Nancy, Saturday, January 03, 2009 03:36:11 PM
my grown son has had a re-occuring dream about he and i walking through a marble library together, both of us dressed in white, and semingly floating, discussing the meaning of our existence. the other side remembered? we are so close, i feel we`ve experienced other lifetimes together at times. have we? thank you for your work sylvia, love and light, nancy
By pamela, Saturday, January 03, 2009 11:40:11 AM
Dear sylvia tou are 1 awesom lady ,will I ever hit the lottery so I can be free of my slezy husband? and his back door whore and is he dieing ,he said he got sick from 1 of his paid whores., god see every thing misses nothing GOD BLESS ALL . pamela mccurdy . have great day day in our lord.
By diane, Monday, October 13, 2008 07:23:23 PM
what do people look like on the other side

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