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What Did You Dream About Last Night?
I had a wild dream last night.

I was on an airplane headed to Aruba on a vacation with my family. As we soared over the Caribbean, the pilots lost control of the plane. Somehow, we safely landed and it turns out we were in a small town in Ecuador….hundreds of miles south of our original destination.

When we got off the plane, it was like a whole new world for me. I don’t speak any Spanish, but all of the people were nice to me. They served us Spanish food called platanos and ceviche and all sorts of seafood dishes. As you can expect, it was quite hot too.

Even though we couldn’t communicate much with the locals, it was an interesting time. After spending the night sleeping on a makeshift mattress with many other people, we were transported to the nearest airport in Quito and flown safely to Aruba. It was a couple of days later than normal, but soon we were on the beach enjoying our vacation.

And then the alarm rang!

The next day, I opened up the Dreams Dictionary and found the meaning of an airplane dream, “To dream of an airplane means you will overcome obstacles in life.” I hope good times are ahead.

What do you think of my wild dream? What did you dream about last night? Post your thoughts and comments below.

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By Intelligent Skeptical Debunker, Saturday, April 14, 2012 12:25:44 AM
I dreamed that pseudo-psychic Sylvia Browne and her equally fake psychic son Chris were met by authorities, handcuffed, taken to a county jail and then were put on trial and found guily on a plethora of charges ranging from fraud, embezzelment, etc. In the same dream master skeptic James Randi was testifying showing proof of how Sylvia and Chris use trickery, deception and illusion to dupe their clients. In the end of my dream the judge declared Sylvia and Chris guilty on numerous accounts yielding to life in prison for Sylvia and Chris. It was such a happy dream. One of the best dreams I've had in a long time. Who knows with all of the fraud committed by Sylvia and Chris my dream might come true after all:)
By sarah, Thursday, February 25, 2010 11:52:37 AM
I've been having the strangest dreams lately...All of them entail getting shot myself or watching someone get shot. Last Night I was at a house, seemingly stuck in this location with 2 other females. I was trying to get along with them but one of them was very negative and hostile. There were cats and dogs that went through their lives rapidly, and when they died, another one was introduced. The humans did not age, but the cats and dogs did. I felt very close with these animals and protected them of the other women I was with. At the end of my dream, I was with an older dog, a german shepard mix, and there was other people in the house. The staircase was very wide and there were many steps. As I was coming downstairs, I herd gunfire and saw all the other people strewn over the stairs laying wounded and bleeding. I was then struck in my right leg on the side of my knee(I physically felt the pain in my sleep) and I was struck on the left side of my chest. I laid on the steps bleeding and the dog was then shot too. I awoke. Like I said these sort of dreams have been occuring for the past week. Most of my other dreams involved traveling by train or flying. I've never had these type of horrific dreams until lately.
By Dantaya, Thursday, December 17, 2009 01:56:59 PM
I had the strangest dream last night. I was running through a forest being chased by a mob of zombies. They caught up to me and started grabbing at me from every angle. Then I began to peel away my skin, like a snake. As my skin peeled away a new brighter me came out. After I was out of my skin the sun came out and I was zombie free. I have lots of these dreams, not only zombies, but being chased by something.
By kathy, Monday, October 19, 2009 11:35:05 PM
I keep having dreams about my deceased mom and dad. These dreams are so real feeling. It's like they are really there and they look so good, healthy and happy. For instance, on 3 occasions I have dreamed that we were together, along with some of my brothers and some strangers. In these dreams, I am engaged and my parents and everyone else is elated for me. And the man I am engaged to is a complete stranger to me in these dreams. But just the same, I, as everyone else, are very happy. I feel so content, peaceful, and filled with joy in the dreams. So much so that upon waking, I want to go back and stay there in that dream. Now, an engagement in my future, is no more possible to me then winning the lotto! I don't have a boyfriend and because of alot of past relationships, which where very abusive, have no desire for one! So what's goin' on, I wonder. I have also had dreams that have come true. For instance, I dreamt one of my older brothers died. The next day, I found out he was having awful symtoms of a disease. Well, it was cancer and he put up a courageous fight but lost his battle when a year later the cancer moved to his lungs. He had already made arrangements about what to do if that happened. So the respirator was turned off and he died peacefully in his sleep after receiving an injecion for pain. But to this day that dream haunts me because I KNEW he was going to die! Anyways, thanks for listening and I'm just wondering what these dreams mean, there so real! Everything is in order in them, nothing out of place or weird. Again, thank you and God Bless You. Kathy, Auburn Hills, Mi.
By LILLIAN, Sunday, July 12, 2009 10:29:04 PM
Yes I keep having a dream, over and over again.and when I have these kinds of dreams, they all come true. some are so like watching a tv set. and this dream is going to come true. its a dream,were people lose their lives,I can hear their screams, and the kids screaming, its so bad.What can I do? how can I stop this dream from happening to so many people. Are going to die. Why! does this happen to me. All my dreams that I have over and over again come true. Please God! Save them Please.
By Nicole, Tuesday, June 09, 2009 02:57:26 PM
I had a vivid dream about seeing myself at work, I had received a call while, I was working in the bakery, cause I always worry if I did this or that right, since I'm just starting out in this particular department. Well; the baker of the bakery called, and said his name was Sam, and the baker's name is Sam. He said if there is anything that he can help me with; and I was like wow, yes, can you explain how to do break-out, where we have to separate all the raw donuts,bagules,etc. so the baker can bake them the next day, so he explained to me how to do that, and I was able to finish that task, and yeah I work in the bakery today, so hopefully he'll call and help?' Usually; these dreams comes true, good or bad, I hate these premonition dreams,is that what I have Sylvia a talent for seeing the future? Thanks.
By Lisa, Thursday, April 02, 2009 12:15:10 AM
I Wake up at nite and see things just floating in the air it only last for about 30 seconds and then dissapears.This has been happening for about 12 yrs. sometimes it will be flowers i see an umbrella just different objects. what does this mean?
By Dustin, Thursday, March 19, 2009 01:19:09 AM
A couple nights ago, I had a dream where I started off looking over a town that was almost covered in snow, sort of like a "christmas" town but without all the lights and gimics. Just a town up in the mountains. I have never seen this place before and right off the start, I remember feeling kind of scared. I started to venture out into the center of this town, keep in mind the setting was dusk, almost dark. I came across a small fence that was buried in snow and heard a sound over to my left. I looked over and seen a small man looking at me and then he ran off. I must have flashed forward in my dream because the next thing I remembered, I was inside of what appeared to be a rundown gynmasium that looked like it was set up like a town council meeting. There were around 10-12 small people all looking at me kind of standing in a group. I asked them " where am I?" and somehow I figured out that they were all def and couldnt hear me. I remember feeling like I was headed for trouble because of the grim looks on all there faces. I must have flashed forward again because the next thing I remembered was being back in the same spot I started in the dream, listening to all of them saying bye to me, as if they were upset I was leaving. I really dont know what to make of this dream but it has been on my mind ever since. I havent remembered a dream with such detail in my life so it kinda startles me.
By Emma, Tuesday, March 03, 2009 10:06:26 AM
I had a dream a few years ago that I still can't seem to shake. I was in an old school with my friends looking out a huge window that overlooked a nook in the opposite wall. Everyone was talking but i could not hear a word that they said because i was so focused on this nook in the wall. As i watched it i saw this tall young girl in a white dress climb out of a nearby window and stand in this nook, looking to the ground. Then, as i watched her, she jumped. I stared screaming and then woke up.. I have no idea what this means.. but i still think about it sometimes.
By ragine, Monday, February 23, 2009 12:05:44 PM
this morning i dreamed i was caught in the middle of a crossfire between authorities and druglords (roundbouts) and i came upon a fallen cop special ops type guy, in full gear (they obviously were prepaired for a large fight and the "badguys" i had walked in on had very big guns) well anyway the ops type guy had gotten shot on right side of his chest. i ripped open his shirt to look at it and it wasnt spewing blood, i looked around and everyone was caught up in heavy fire and i knew i couldnt get help. i dragged the man out of the gunfire around the street corner. i didnt know how to save him. i held him close in my arms and concentrated all my love and warmth into him. i was with him for about a half hour it seemed hoping to keep him alive long enough for someone to find us but it didnt happen. he tried talking to me and i cooed him and held him close the whole time. i have no words for the closeness i felt with the stranger, just glad that i was able to be there with him. i woke up so exhausted and could still feel him in my arms and taste my tears in my mouth. i normally dream heavily every night and although most of the dream seemed like a dream (i can usually tell the difference) i wonder what significance this one had upon me. the last couple hours this morning i've been reflecting on it and although i'm very very tired, i find that i am grateful to have gone through that in my dream, like i was able to experience something that you cant learn in everyday life. wendy

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